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bamboocounting whispered : when you mention shoten in your seishirou meta are you referring to the original doujinshi they were in?

Yes I was! In Shoten Seishiros mother spends the entire first portion of the doujin trying to convince Seishiro to at least knock some girl up if he won’t become Sakurazukamori, to which he replies that he loves Subaru and wants to take care of hippopotamuses and stuff and not murder people for a living. It bears fairly little to the TB we know today but is the origin, so.

30 Days of X1999 (meta), Day 1: Your favorite character

I’ve been talking about writing this meta for like two years and here we goddamn go. Here we fucking goddamn go let’s talk about Seishiro Sakurazuka.

I don’t even like Seishiro Sakurazuka but he’s my favorite character in the entirety of CLAMP’s work. It’s difficult to discuss him in fandom without running into a wall of socio/psychopathic speculation, glorification, woobification, and other general desires to make him into something his character arc is all about refusing to be. I also think discussions I’ve seen of him and his dialogue with Subaru, as protagonist/antagonist tend to be somewhat reductive or misplaced.

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Anonymous whispered : Hello this may be a weird question but I saw/heard a song on your blog about a family pretending to be prefect on the outside but the truth is they are broken. It was a while ago and my describtion could be totally off so I don't expect you to remeber but if you do that would be great! :)

I can’t think of anything off the top my head I’d re blogged that fits that and checked both my tagged/music and /fanmix blogging but found nothing. I also have a music blog at deslongsechos but no luck searching that or my main at evred-harvaldar.

Maybe something like Happy House by Siouxsie and the Banshees, Synchronicity II by the Police, Cherry Tree by the National (which I have reblogged), maybe? The last one is fairly tangential but it gives me the feeling generally even if it doesn’t make sense.

I also have a mixtapes tag and two rainbow bridge mixtapes which aren’t in that tag but should be under tw: rainbow bridge if you’d like to look there.

If you can’t find it but remember something else (or just want clamp/general music recs) feel totally free to hit me up again. I love digging for things and music so I don’t mind at all. 

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