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Anonymous whispered : Hello this may be a weird question but I saw/heard a song on your blog about a family pretending to be prefect on the outside but the truth is they are broken. It was a while ago and my describtion could be totally off so I don't expect you to remeber but if you do that would be great! :)

I can’t think of anything off the top my head I’d re blogged that fits that and checked both my tagged/music and /fanmix blogging but found nothing. I also have a music blog at deslongsechos but no luck searching that or my main at evred-harvaldar.

Maybe something like Happy House by Siouxsie and the Banshees, Synchronicity II by the Police, Cherry Tree by the National (which I have reblogged), maybe? The last one is fairly tangential but it gives me the feeling generally even if it doesn’t make sense.

I also have a mixtapes tag and two rainbow bridge mixtapes which aren’t in that tag but should be under tw: rainbow bridge if you’d like to look there.

If you can’t find it but remember something else (or just want clamp/general music recs) feel totally free to hit me up again. I love digging for things and music so I don’t mind at all. 

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