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Ok but miyuki is in the crowd too and the fucking meme goes on



DAY 1: Favorite character
DAY 2: Least favorite character
DAY 3: Thoughts on the Dragons of Heaven?
DAY 4: Thoughts on the Dragons of Earth?
DAY 5: Which side would you choose?
DAY 6: Favorite romantic pairing
DAY 7: Favorite non-romantic pairing
DAY 8: Anime or Manga?
DAY 9: Thoughts on the movie?
DAY 10: Favorite song from the soundtrack
DAY 11: A scene that made you cry
DAY 12: A scene that made you angry
DAY 13: A scene that made you laugh
DAY 14: Favorite fight
DAY 15: Plot twist that surprised you the most
DAY 16: How did you get into the series?
DAY 17: Character you don’t think deserved to die
DAY 18: Character you do think deserved (or deserves) to die
DAY 19: Something in the manga you wish had been in the anime
DAY 20: Something in the anime you wish had been in the manga
DAY 21: Powers you’d like to have
DAY 22: What would be a good crossover series (CLAMP or not) ?
DAY 23: Character you’d be willing to switch places with
DAY 24: Character you think has it the worst
DAY 25: Favorite Quote
DAY 26: Consider that this is how the apocalypse is actually going to go down. How do you feel about that?
DAY 27: One thing you would change about the series
DAY 28: Of the versions that have endings, which ending is your favorite?
DAY 29: Do you think CLAMP should end the manga? Why?
DAY 30: You are given the opportunity to give the series whatever ending you want. You can do literally anything. How do you end the series?

Tag as “X 1999 Challenge”! I will track the tag and reblog what I see!